Quimgra S.A. History

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Quimialmel S.A.
Company with headquarters throughout the world specialized in distributing raw materials for the main sectors.

Quimgra finalizes the construction of a new workplace in Cadiz
New workplace in the Port of Cadiz, located in Muelle de la Cabezuela.

Where are we

Explanada Norte s/n
Muelle de Levante.
Aptdo. Correos nº 39
12100 Grao de Castellón
Castellón - España

Tel. 964 73 78 25
Fax 964 73 78 31

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Quimgra CÁDIZ
Avenida Manuel Echevarria, manzana 2
Polígono Rio San Pedro
Muelle de la Cabezuela
11519 Puerto Real
Cadiz - España

Tel. 956 56 79 53
Fax 956 56 79 52

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Created in 1995, started his career in 1996 , in the compound of the port of the Grao de Castellón, with facilities of 12,000 m2, ready for the handling and packaging of mineral products.

The first few years were hard as all the early, little by little, we did a gap in the market.

We had a line of manual packaging for fertilizer products, in bags of raffia with 25kg or 50Kg, depending on demand of our customers, as well as a packaging line of Big/bags

In 1,999, we extend the facilities in 5,000 m2 more, for the storage of finished products.
In the year 2000, we are aiming for a substantial change in our packaged, offering our clients the possibility of packaging in polyethylene bag with an automatic filling machine.
The production of packaging in this system allowed us to perform more tonnes in the same time that with a manual filling machine.
The quality of the packaging, the presentation of the finished product, the image, was an eyeopener for our clients.

In 2007, we returned to gambling, to give a better service to our clients, extending the line of packaging. This has allowed us to have a few important safety stocks, all our lines have milling systems, sieves, detection systems of ferrous products, marker of batches, etc.

Although our greatest volume of business is concentrated in the packaged both in sacks as Big/bags, we offer another services: rammers of ships, loading/unloading bulk products/ tanks/ palletized/ containers/products sifted/ repaletizaciones, etc.

Also in 2007, our company implemented an integrated management system based on the Seveso Regulations (Seveso Law 840/2015, of serious accidents), which is currently in force in our facilities in Castellón and Cádiz. In addition, Quimgra is an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) in both facilities, applying more rigorous and effective security measures, as well as facilitating the supply of merchandise in international trade. With these certifications we intend to grow and improve the services provided and the management of our processes.

It is in 2013 when Quimgra takes a gamble on the future and creates new headquarters in the town of Puerto Real, in the province of Cadiz, specifically in Manuel Echevarría Avenue, in Muelle de la Cabezuela Pier.

The new facilities’ total surface comes up to 37,000 square meters, of which 24,000 square meters are covered. The facilities consist of a bulk warehouse which is 11,700 square meters and has the capacity of storing 50,000 tonnes, another warehouse which is 7,900 square meters and stores finished products, and an industrial unit that measures 1,300 square meters and contains machinery, open space for truck loading, loading quays, offices, garages, etc.

Committed to its Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy, Quimgra has developed facilities sustainable with their natural surroundings. In fact, all the equipments include unvented internal filters so that the sucked products can be recovered, the facilities have waterproof floors, and water collection systems have been treated separately and by using decantation tanks.

The company has a polyethylene bags packaging line capable of packaging 1,800 25-kilo bags per hour. Furthermore, this line is formed of magnetisers, crushers and sieves in order to offer higher quality for the product to be packed.

Apart from that, it should be underlined that a big-bag packing machine has the ability to produce even 15 1,000-kilo big-bags per hour, operating with the same system as the previous one for its supply.

On the other hand, it also has a manual line as well as an automatic line for Blending packaging in both open mouth bags and polyethylene. The packaging systems converge in two contrasting palletizers which, in turn, meet in a common bailing unit, enabling the packing machine to operate at full capacity. Additionally, Quimgra uses a bag marking system according to shifts and batches to control the traceability of the packages.

One of the most remarkable strengths of this new project is the collaboration between Quimgra and its client SQM-VITAS in the production of fertilisers for agriculture, including packaging processes as well as their distribution. For this purpose, the company has facilities that deal with the preparation and mixture of different fertilizers, aiming to obtain new products with a high added value in the market due to their quality and presentation. Most of these products are intended to be commercialised in close countries that have an important potential of sales in the field of agriculture.