New workplace in the Port of Cadiz.

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Quimialmel S.A.
Company with headquarters throughout the world specialized in distributing raw materials for the main sectors.

Quimgra finalizes the construction of a new workplace in Cadiz
New workplace in the Port of Cadiz, located in Muelle de la Cabezuela.

Where are we

Explanada Norte s/n
Muelle de Levante.
Aptdo. Correos nº 39
12100 Grao de Castellón
Castellón - España

Tel. 964 73 78 25
Fax 964 73 78 31

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Quimgra CÁDIZ
Avenida Manuel Echevarria, manzana 2
Polígono Rio San Pedro
Muelle de la Cabezuela
11519 Puerto Real
Cadiz - España

Tel. 956 56 79 53
Fax 956 56 79 52

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Quimgra, in its desire of creating new lines and distribution of services, has finished the construction of a new workplace in the Port of Cadiz, located in Muelle de la Cabezuela Pier.

Cadiz’s plant has a surface of 37,736 square meters, arranged in two different industrial units, one of them for bulk products and the other one for finished products, as well as an esplanade for logistics purposes.

In order to develop our services in Cadiz, we will have both Automatic and Semiautomatic Packing Machines for polyethylene and polypropylene (raffia) bags, as well as Big-Bag Packing Machines. Moreover, we will have two Loading Docks for containers/trucks within the premises and one Weighbridge for trucks.

Quimgra’s objective is to have systems certification of SEVESO, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 in the center of the Port of Cadiz.

Further information on Quimgra is available on the local and sectorial press: