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Quimialmel S.A.
Company with headquarters throughout the world specialized in distributing raw materials for the main sectors.

Quimgra finalizes the construction of a new workplace in Cadiz
New workplace in the Port of Cadiz, located in Muelle de la Cabezuela.

Where are we

Explanada Norte s/n
Muelle de Levante.
Aptdo. Correos nº 39
12100 Grao de Castellón
Castellón - España

Tel. 964 73 78 25
Fax 964 73 78 31

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Quimgra CÁDIZ
Avenida Manuel Echevarria, manzana 2
Polígono Rio San Pedro
Muelle de la Cabezuela
11519 Puerto Real
Cadiz - España

Tel. 956 56 79 53
Fax 956 56 79 52

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Quimgra Security

Quimgra, S.A. is a company certified in compliance with the rules for control of major accidents involving dangerous substances (Seveso RD 840/2015 and its subsequent amendments).

In addition, the company is an Authorized Economic Operator (OAS), both in its facilities in Castellón and Cadiz, thus facilitating the supply of goods in international trade through more rigorous and effective security measures.

Quimgra, S.A.aware of the characteristics of its industrial activity and the inherent risks therein, assumes the following principles that make up its PREVENTION OF SERIOUS ACCIDENTS:

1) Protection of the health and safety of its employees, its facilities, as well as that of the community and its environment is a basic principle for the development of their business.

2) Security is a function of the Manager who must be assumed, led and managed by the workers in their area of responsibility.

3) To be identified systematically the potential incidents that could occur related to the safety of the activities and integrity of the facilities; assess its possible causes and consequences and will be equipped with the necessary means and resources to prevent and mitigate their consequences.

4) To take the necessary procedures and instructions to ensure the functioning and realization in safe conditions of facilities and activities respectively.

5) To report and train its employees about risks that can generate its products and productive activity and on the guiding principles, prevention measures, security systems, operating procedures and emergency response. In addition, it shall inform the competent authority on these risks and collaborate in an active way in the prevention of the same.

6) To report to contractors and subcontractors on the aspect of security and apply, in the development of its activities, standards of adequate security.

7) To assess and take into account in the new projects or industrial developments the effects on safety, introducing the systems needed to effectively protect the people, the facilities and the environment.

8) To adopt goals for safety, to assess its compliance and those mechanisms will be established for investigation and corrective in the event of failure.

9) Adopt and implement procedures for regular and systematic assessment of the Policy for the prevention of serious accidents and the effectiveness and adaptability of the Safety Management System through regular audits.

10) That is committed to the continuous improvement of the safety performance and comply with continued to the implementing legislation.

The implementation of this Policy for the prevention of serious accidents is designed to ensure a high degree of protection to persons, property and environment, through the means, appropriate structures and management systems.